Monday, 29 January 2018


Of those completing the September 3M course, Selim Alan was hoping to be posted to Washington for his employers, TRT Türk.

Thursday, 5 January 2017


Catherine McNally from the 3M January course was offered a reporter's job on the Irish Post, based in London. After finishing the course she undertook food and drink reviews for TNT, along with travel features on press trips to Slovenia and Luxembourg. From the same course, Maria Leahy worked on a six-month paid internship with an online women's magazine based in Dublin, called Shemazing while Katy Blanchard had work published in the Telegraph and Richmond magazine before gaining a job as assistant editor with the National Trust.  Sarah Bradbury from the 3M autumn course had a feature published in the Independent in 2017 interviewing leading female film directors on gender equality.  

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Ben Davis from the January six-month course picked up regular freelance shifts as a producer for BBC Worldservice, as well as presenting a four-part documentary series for Resonance FM.  Meanwhile Matteo Lattoraca from the three-month September course worked for a variety of Italian outlets, Raconteur magazine and Swiss television before moving to Ukraine in 2016.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Lauren Carbran from the 3M January course was appointed editorial assistant for Mother and Baby and Top Sante magazines, based in Peterborough. Meanwhile Amisha Mehta from the 3M September course landed a reporting job with the wealth management publication Wealth Check, as well as undertaking freelance food reviews, while Chris Sloggett completed a work experience placement with The Observer. Paulo de Pascali from the 6M September course went on to specialise in engineering trade publications, as a feature writer for Cranes Today and Hoist magazine and contributing editor for Tunnels and Tunneling. 

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Maria Neves from the 6M January course wrote to say: "After the course I started to work as a correspondent in London. I've covered big events in the city and had my features published in the magazines of Editora Abril, which is a major Brazilian publisher and printing company and one of the biggest media holdings in Latin America."

She has also had an article on shoes published in the Brazilian edition of Glamour magazine, publishes two blogs and is studying for an MA in international politics. 

"Taking the course at LSJ was the best decision I have ever made in my life," she wrote. "Of course, things have been difficult in terms of money but I am sure the results will come. The best thing I took from the course was 'to think like a journalist every single day'. " She is currently negotiating with a publisher over a partnership venture relating to one of her blogs.

Meanwhile Tom Norton, another 6M student (pictured above) was appointed editor of Sound and Stage magazine for ITP Publishing in Dubai. The B2B title is centred around the events and production industry in the Middle East.

He said: "I genuinely thought of giving up a hundred times and grew to loathe people who just told be to 'stick at it' and something would turn up. Well, as it turns out, sometimes it does - and often in ways you can never really imagine.

"For those happy to relocate, I fully recommend looking into the Middle East. The ex-pat community is huge and publishing there is still a burgeoning and exciting industry."

New magazine launches are frequent, which adds to the range of job opportunities available. ITP alone has 79 titles under its publishing umbrella, including Esquire, Time Out, Grazia and OK.

He said: "It's a little out of my wheelhouse given my past publishing experience but if the LSJ has taught be anything, it's the importance of expanding your writing experience whenever and wherever possible." In 2014 he moved on to become online editor with Esquire Middle East, based in the same building. The following year he became features editor for ShortList Dubai and in 2016 he became digital editor for Conde Nast Traveller Middle East.

From the same course, Rachelle Harry wrote to say that after completing internships at Health and Fitness, Men's Fitness and Men's Health magazines, she was offered her first paid sub-editing shift for Men's Health and a trial as a junior writer for Health and Fitness. Maria Marinageli from the same course wrote in 2014 to say she had been offered a job working for a local paper in her home town of Ancona, Italy, while Eleanor Wilson from the 6M September course started an internship in 2014 with Journeys magazine.

Diana McCormick from the 6MS course had freelance articles on interiors and travel published in the Daily Mail in 2014.

Rosanna Spence was one of four students from the 3M autumn course to launch a blogging/review website,, in February 2014, and she was also hired as features writer/editor for Casual Dining magazine.  From the same course, Carolina Pain gained work filming video interviews for MSN Brazil. She later teamed up with a well-known Brazilian broadcast journalist to write about sustainability, healthy living and women's issues.


Any attempt to collate accurate information about where past students have ended up is doomed to failure, if only because people change jobs more frequently than in the past, and get in touch intermittently. 

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Of the 3M January Class of 2012, Aline Oyamada returned to Brazil, where she started writing about finance and business for the national magazine, Exame. She was later hired by the business and economics newspaper Valor Economico as a staff reporter writing about international finance for three years before returning to London. In 2016 she wrote to say she was based in Sao Paulo, working as an emerging markets reporter for Bloomberg. From the autumn 3M class, Rachel Huggins worked as a data researcher for Centaur Media, based in Central London, before being promoted to marketing and publications executive, while Alice Audley from the 3M April class completed an internship at the Telegraph before working as Peter Oborne's editorial assistant. She was then offered a post as commissioning editor on the paper's features desk. A committed blogger, she is also editor of a trade publication for the blogging community called Blogosphere Magazine. From the same class, Nelson Moura was named 'Best European Travelblogger' for 2014.